Wenzhou Ou Hai ruizheng is sewing machine factory, founded in 1998, has a full automatic processing center, strong technical force, and form a complete system of product development, production testing, after-sales service.
The company is Shanghai industry and trade Shen Bei (Group) Co., Ltd. self production, sales of "trapeze" "bee" "Butterfly" "duplex" brand GK9 Series Portable packet machine cooperation business franchise. At the same time, the plant has a "genuine" Shuang Niu card "" dart board "" Shen Bao "brand, independent research and development production high-speed portable electric package machine. Is currently the largest domestic sales, the most homogeneous varieties, price concessions, well-known manufacturers of packet machine production.
The factory GK9 series packet machine through the national quality supervision and inspection center of sewing machine testing, testing standards: QB/T1180-2000 "industrial sewing machine GK type of hand - held"
SGSB (Group) Limited by Share Ltd all products adopt international advanced technology of the security code. Michael, butterfly, bee brand unified national Tel: 8008103155 Tel: 021-29069732 4008155888
Companies adhering to the "quality win, the spirit of sincerity". Over the years accumulated a large number of customer groups throughout the country, and exported to foreign countries, access to the vast number of customers.