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 The main technical indicators of the sewing machine, with the rapid development of China's machinery industry, various machinery are constantly being introduced to the market, such as: container bag sewing machine, carpet rope wrapping machine, woven bag sewing machine, sewing machine, sealing machine, automatic sewing The charter, belt transport sewing machine, edging machine, floor edging machine, rope edging machine, etc., the development space in the market continues to expand, and the future development market is broad.

The main technical indicators for measuring the sewing machine include: speed, stitch length, stitch pattern, thickness of sewing material, lubrication method, cutting line method, starting and stopping method.

The sewing machine is a device for sewing a plastic woven bag (object), a paper bag (object), a paper-plastic composite bag (object), an aluminum-coated paper bag, etc., and mainly completes the splicing, seaming, etc. of the bag or the knit. jobs. The process features good sealing after sewing, such as flour bag; high strength, such as cement bag; easy to disassemble, find the end of the line to loosen, and the bag can be reused. The general-purpose model is made of GK. GK series industrial sewing machine. It is imported from Japan DS series produced by New Zealand and American. There are two types of single-chain chain and double-line chain according to the stitches. According to the number of needles, they are divided into single needle and double needle. According to the usage, they are divided into desktop sewing machine, portable sewing machine and vertical sewing machine.

Talking about the technical standard of sewing machine

The domestic portable sewing machine is mainly used in the GK9 series. It has been used for many years. In addition, there are portable sewing machines in Japan and Germany. The foreign brands are the Japanese New Zealand NP series, including single-line and two-line portable. The domestic vertical sewing machine is popular with the GK35 series. It is a replica of German products and belongs to the middle and low-end products, while the high-end is Japan.

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