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The advent of sewing machines is a boon for many practitioners in the packaging industry. The convenience of the seam method and the efficiency of the seam speed have brought great convenience to the packaging industry practitioners, and have become one of the indispensable equipments of many packaging industry manufacturers.

     Preparation of the sewing machine before work:

     1. The operator should wear the overalls in strict accordance with the requirements of the body specifications in the operation of the sewing machine, and tie the hem and the corner of the clothes to prevent the clothing from being caught in the sewing machine to pose danger to the personnel.

Ruizheng GK9-350 sewing machine


Ruizheng GK9-350 sewing machine


     2. Before starting the machine, first check whether there are any stains on the needle port and other positions of the sewing machine. If the circuit is running normally, if abnormal conditions are found, it will not be turned on. After the maintenance is completed, the work can be performed again.

     3. Check the environment around the sewing machine and check if there are any debris that will affect the work of the sewing machine. Check if the material in the last working process remains on the sewing machine.

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